Lemme Eat Gluten Free is a home based bakery in Ahwatukee that specializes in great tasting gluten free goodies. Our goal is to not be "good for gluten free" but GREAT, regardless!  We want you to be able to serve our desserts next to a "regular" dessert and have your guests not be able to tell the difference, but to also prefer our desserts over the other. Customers can order Lemme Eat Gluten Free tasty gluten free goodies online and have them personally delivered to their door.  

We are the only gluten free bakery in Ahwatukee! Did you know that we are owned and operated by celiacs?  We get it! Lemme Eat Gluten Free loves bringing our gluten free goodies from our  Ahwatukee home to yours!

Whether you are planning a wedding, party, or just a tasty gluten free treat we would love to help! All of our items are always gluten free, we can also accommodate for corn, dairy, egg, nuts, and soy. Please contact us regarding your dietary needs, at Lemme Eat Gluten Free we want you to be able to enjoy great tasting safe desserts. 

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