Sun, Surf, and GF

The family enjoyed a wonderful trip to the San Diego area recently. Though we ate in most of the time, we did find a couple of gems that we found safe and delicious. These are in no particular order.

My daughters and I had a chance to visit Burger Bench. They offer a variety of specialty burgers with the option of a delicious GF bun. Though the fries are GF, they do not have a dedicated fryer so we did not partake. The staff seemed to be knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We would return if given the chance. Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures of our meals. Here is their website for reference:

Another great find was Swami’s Cafe. Not only did they have lots of GF choices, they serve breakfast all day. Well at least until 3pm, when they close. I had GF french toast, which was camera shy, my daughter had a GF sandwich, and my son had fish tacos without the sauce (it contains gluten.) Again, we did not get to enjoy french fries as they too have a shared fryer. However, they had a tasty fruit bowl as a substitute. My bottomless pit of a son was stuffed after eating his meal, this was a surprise to all of us. The staff was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Without missing a beat they knew that the sauce on the fish tacos contained gluten and that the fries would be cross contaminated and suggested we order without. This is another place that we will return to, when we have a chance. You can find out more here:

Taco bout a treat! You can't tell here but Swami's was very generous with the amount of Mahi Mahi.

This truly was a California Delight.

In La Jolla we decided to go old school and stop at Jersey Mikes. Well, actually some of us were hangry *cough cough* and we knew it would be a safe option. They took great precautions to assure we had a GF safe meal. Their sandwiches never fail, but the La Jolla location went above and beyond, even during their lunch rush. Again, there are no pictures, but you know what a sub sammy looks like, and like I said, one of us was hangry.

Sadly, we did not have time to visit Ruby’s or Slater’s 50/50 on this trip, though last time we were very impressed with both restaurants. We recommend you stop by if you have the chance.

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