Where to start my shopping adventure?

Luckily, there is a plethora of gluten free products on the market. When I was first diagnosed over ten years ago, I had to mail order several items. With the taste and texture of gluten free items being mediocre at best, it was a risky and expensive endeavor. Gf foods are still expensive, but there are more available in local grocery stores than ever before.  When I first started, I quickly grew frustrated with expensive box after expensive box of bland, stale tasting foods. My kids bought me a pretty binder filled with paper, a roll of tape and two permanent markers: green and red. This beautiful and thoughtful set up was for me to tape the package to the paper and mark with the appropriate marker (red = don't buy again, green = buy again.)  I even made notes as to where I bought the item. Remember, back in the olden days, only a few stores carried gluten free foods, and each one carried different products. One-stop shopping was not possible. Though today this may still be true, you can buy gluten free foods in more stores than ever before. Now on to why you're here. You're either frustrated like I was or you are new and have no idea where to start. Here is a list of items that we feel are worth the price tag, well maybe not worth it, but they are better than others. Please remember to check ingredient labels often to confirm gluten free ingredients.  We are not affiliated with any of these products or stores nor do we receive any compensation for this list. This may not be a complete list, but it is a starting point. Most of these products can be purchased in our local grocery store, Sprouts, Target, or Whole Foods. I’m sure Trader Joe’s carries some too, but I often don’t shop there.  Your shopping experience may be different from ours.  I hope this helps, even if just a tad.  Bread -  Sandwich, buns, bagels Canyon Bakehouse is our #1 favorite Schar- has a full line of GF shelf stable breads Udi’s is good but quality control isn't to our standards, too many holes Bread -  Dinner Canyon Bakehouse- Focaccia bread Schar- has a full line of GF shelf stable breads Brownies, Cookies, & Muffins Glutino has a huge line of gf foods to choose from– in the packaged food section Udi’s – makes several flavors of cookies, muffins & brownies – in the freezer section LemmeEatGlutenFree.com – but I’m not here to sell stuff – really   Cereal Because old habits die hard, we still buy the same cereals. Luckily for me, Chex cereals has gluten free flavors; corn, rice, chocolate, and cinnamon. Cheerios claim to be GF, even certified. But they cause a reaction for the celiacs in my family. 

Just be sure to look for the key ingredients, unless you are sensitive, you may need to stick to certified GF cereals. Chips, Crackers, Snacks, Pretzels, etc. Glutino has a huge line of gf foods to choose from– in the packaged food section Several brands of corn tortilla chips are naturally gluten free, be sure to read labels. Snyder's has a gf pretzel Graham Crackers & Graham Cracker Crust Mix-  Kinnikinnick makes both Pamela’s -  just the crackers Mac n’ Cheese Annies  - shelf packaging Amy’s – frozen Udi’s  - frozen Pasta: Barilla Tinkyada Sauces: Bbq sauce - Sweet Baby Rays has several flavors that are gf. Pasta – Our go to is Classico Soup: Progresso has several soups that are labeled gluten free, I think I even saw gf cream of mushroom soup, green bean casserole here I come. Just sans the fried onions. Stuffing: Glutino Pizza: Udi’s Gf Jules – mail order Tortillas: Mission – GF ‘flour’ & Corn tortillas Frozen Foods: Waffles or Pancakes Van’s Chicken Nuggets or  Fish Sticks Applegate Ian's Van’s Burritos: Amy’s Gluten Free Mama NOTES: I have found that most dairy products are naturally gf. Honestly, I haven't seen any that have gluten. Pizza - glorious pizza. Udi’s seems to be the favorite brand for stores and restaurants alike. It's good, and it's everywhere. In stores frozen pizza is expensive and small. It's fine if one person is gf, but three of us are, that adds up. I do keep a few frozen pizzas on hand, I usually buy Udi’s mainly because most stores carry it. But for a REAL TREAT!!! Order some pizza mix from gfJules.com.  I buy her bulk box. I also double the recipe and use my extra-large, deep pizza pan. Thick, chewy, pizza crust is our favorite!!!  You can also use it to make a thin crust if that's your preference, but if I'm gunna make a homemade pizza, it's a gunna be a thick crust!   Watch out for fillers in processed meats and hot dogs, pressed meats especially.  

Good, bad or ugly, we will test our limits on what upsets our systems. Even though some items don't say gluten free, if there are no gluten ingredients listed in the ingredients we might try it. So far, Lucky Charms has been good to us. We are also not affected by oats, so maybe we're lucky that way… Be sure to double check the packaging, several companies make gf and organic versions of the same foods, these words are NOT synonymous. ~Happy Shopping

Where to Buy: Brand                                                             Store

Annies                                                          All Stores

Amy’s                                                           All Stores

Applegate                                    Target, Sprouts, & Whole Foods

Barilla                                                           All Stores

Canyon Bakehouse                                   Target & Sprouts

Gf Jules                                                     GFJules.com

Gluten Free Mama                        Target, Sprouts, & Whole Foods

Glutino                                                          All Stores

Ian's                                                             All Stores

Kinnikinnick                                               Whole Foods

Mission                                                  Safeway & Target

Pamela’s                                                      All Stores

Sweet Baby Rays                                 Safeway & Target

Tinkyada                                              Sprouts &  Whole Foods

Udi’s                                                             All Stores

Van’s                                                            All Stores

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